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Read Commissioner Staples’ letter to President Obama requesting additional resources to help secure our border. The clock will run until Texans get the protection they need.

The Front Line
Mexican Drug Cartels Extending Violent Reach
Ruthless criminal organizations behind mass murders, assassinations and kidnappings are setting up shop in the area, right under property owners' noses.
Border Patrol Agent in Laredo Released from Hospital
LAREDO - A Border Patrol agent injured after a struggle with illegal immigrants is out of the hospital. A Border Patrol spokesperson said Wednesday morning, agents working the west Laredo area ran into a group who had crossed into the U.S. A struggle broke out as agents tried to apprehend them. Two of the illegal immigrants were shot. One was treated and released. The other was shot in the stomach. He remains in intensive care. The FBI and Laredo police are investigating the incident.
Drug Cartel Violence Spreads Into The U.S.
Ranchers in south Texas say they live under the constant threat of violence.
The Front Line: Stories from the Texas/Mexico Border
Hear Texans’ firsthand accounts of living along a porous border
Commissioner Staples' Letter to President Obama
Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples recently sent a letter to President Barack Obama requesting much-needed resources to secure border following reports indicating illegal immigration in Texas has surpassed Arizona
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